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The above rates are quoted in KSHS and include all statutory taxes. In the event of any appreciation of the Kenya Shilling of over 5% against the US$, or any changes in applicable taxes, Sentrim Hotels & Lodges reserves the right to adjust these rates accordingly.  This contract is valid for residents only and proof of identification will be required at check-in.  These rates should not be distributed to any 3rd party agent, on-line travel or hotel booking websites.



Cash before check in.  Default in payment may result in the Agent’s clients being refused admittance to the Hotels and future confirmed bookings being released without notice until payment are made.  Cheques should be done at least seven days before arrival.  Should a cheque issued by the agent be returned by the bank for any reason the agent shall replace the cheque within twenty four hours. The Agent shall also pay any bank charges for the Returned Cheque charged by the bank. Failure to replace the returned cheque/s will constitute a default of this agreement. We do not accept Personal cheques.                                                                       



We shall charge _75%_ of the applicable room rate.  Day room use is up to 6.00pm after which full normal room rate will apply.  This is applicable to Sentrim 680, Sentrim Boulevard and Sentrim Castle only.



H/B reduction will be Kshs. 425.00 per person. This applies to the lodges only.



a) Kshs. 2,000/= per person: Easter period: 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st April 2014. This applies to the lodges & Sentrim Castle

b) Kshs. 2,500/= per person: Christmas period: 24th, 25th 26th, 31st and 1st Jan 2015.  Applies to the lodges & Sentrim Castle.



c)        Lunch Kshs. 1,500/= per person

d)       Packed lunch boxes: Kshs. 1,200/= per person

e)        Dinner Kshs. 1,500/= per person



These are sold as single units and child policy does not apply.



Maximum single rooms will seven (7). Any additional single rooms booked will be charged at double room rate. (For Lodges only)



Agent Rates will not apply during peak season, Easter and Christmas Holidays.  The rates are on request only and are subject to availability.



a)     One child upto 5 years sharing with one or two (2) adults FOC

b)     One or two children sharing with Two (2) adults; each child 50% of per person sharing rate.  Maximum 2children

c)     One child sharing with one adult, child at 50% and adult at ½ of double

d)     One or more children in own room; 75% of room rate

e)     One adult sharing with two children; each child 50% of per person sharing rate and adult at ½ of double



a) For every 15 paying guests, 1 Tour Leader is FOC as long as it is pre-booked and this will be subject to availability.

b) For less than 15 pax, 30% discount off the contract rates as long as it is booked and this will be subject to availability. 



a) 15 – 30 pax we shall extend 5% off the contract rates.

b) 31 – 50 pax we shall extend 10% off the contract rates.

c) 51 and above – we shall extend 15% off the contract rates.



Circuit Discounts shall apply for any one of the following:-          

a) All four Sentrim Lodges plus Sentrim 680 and either Sentrim Castle or Sentrim Boulevard: 15% off the contract rates                                                                                                                                            

b) All four Sentrim Lodges, 12.5% off the contract rates                                                                                                           

b)  Any three Sentrim Lodges and either Sentrim 680 or Sentrim Boulevard or Sentrim Castle, 10% off the contract rates.

c) Any three Sentrim Lodges, 7.5% off the contract rates          

d) Sentrim Amboseli and Sentrim Tsavo or Sentrim Elementaita, 5% off the contract rates



Should a reservation be cancelled or number of days booked reduced or number of guests reduced, the following charges will apply:

Sentrim 680, Sentrim Boulevard and Sentrim Castle Royal

 a)    40% of the total net value of the booking/s for cancellation or reduction in number between 7 and 2 days.

 b)    100% of the total net value of the booking/s In case of cancellation with 48 hours, or in case of no-show


Sentrim Amboseli, Sentrim Mara, Sentrim Tsavo and Sentrim Elementaita.

a) In case of cancellation/reduction in number of rooms, 20% of applicable room rate will be charged as follows:

  • Low season: between 30 and 15 days
  • High: between 45 and 20 days
  • Peak: between 60 and 45 days


b) In case of cancellation/reduction in number of rooms, 40% of applicable room rate will be charged as follows:

  • Low season: between 15 and 2 days
  • High season: between 20 – 10 days
  • Peak season: between 45 – 30 days


c) In case of cancellation/no show/ reduction in number of rooms, 100% of applicable room rate will charged as follows:

  • Low season: with 48 hours
  • High season: within 10 days
  • Peak season: within 30 days



Any Amendments to this contract shall be valid only if made in writing and signed by the Agent and Sentrim Hotels and Lodges. The waiver of any of the terms on any occasion shall not be deemed a waiver of such terms and conditions for any further occasion. All notices to be served shall be sent to the address of the party to be served as specified herein. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of Kenya.



Definition of "without liability": When stated in any provision of this Agreement, "without liability" means that there will be no liquidated damages, attrition fees, cancellation fees, rental charges, service charges, or any direct, consequential, compensatory, special incidental damages or any other damages or amounts of any nature whatsoever.
Should events beyond the reasonable control of Sentrim Hotels & Lodges, including but not limited to (1) acts of God, (2) war, including armed conflict, (3) strikes or labor disputes at the Hotel, (4) government regulation or advisory (including travel advisory warnings), (5) civil disturbance in the country, (6) terrorism or threats of terrorism in Kenya substantiated by governmental warnings or advisory notices, (7) curtailment of transportation services or facilities which would materially affect clients from checking into our hotels, (8) disaster, fire, earthquakes, (9) unseasonable extreme inclement weather in Kenya, (10) shortages or disruption of the electrical power supply causing blackouts or other essential utilities in Kenya, or (11) any other cause reasonably beyond the parties' control (collectively referred to as "occurrences"), making the event commercially impracticable, impracticable to perform, illegal, or impossible to fully perform under this Agreement as the Parties originally contracted.  In such case the affected Party may terminate this Agreement, without liability, upon written notification.   In addition, should the client(s) cancel reservations because of reasons over which they have no control, Sentrim Hotels & Lodges shall appropriately reduce, without liability to client, any obligation by client(s) or the individual which otherwise would be required in any manner under this Agreement.  Notice under this provision may be given at any time in advance provided that the notifying party has met the requirements of this provision.